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As a Functional Medicine Provider, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist, I’m on a mission to help women break free of the myths and misconceptions of a broken health care system. One that is keeping them sick, confused, and dependent on outdated approaches. Through education and application, I empower women to reclaim their happier, healthier self – naturally.
I’ve created the most effective, accessible and streamlined virtual practice for high-achieving women. Through strategy and partnership, you’ll get the personalized blueprint you need for sustained energy and sharp mental focus, so you can finally share your gifts, serve your clients, and show up for your family even better.

In my virtual practice, I specialize in holistic hormone balance with a strong emphasis on mental focus and energy. Using a root cause resolution approach, I work with women, like you, to find the core imbalance. So, instead of the typical “pill for the ill” approach, whether that be a medication or another supplement, we look upstream. That way, we can remove any obstacles that have been holding back your health and restore your body’s natural ability to heal from the inside out.

Not Your Typical “Doctor”

My primary focus is to help women entrepreneurs, go-getters, and other high-achievers fulfill their life’s passion. The only way to do this is to reclaim (and maintain!) your highest level of wellness possible, so you can reach your full potential. You’re on a mission, and I want to help support you in bringing your dreams and visions to life.

My goal is to provide you with truly personalized care. We’ll build a supportive partnership, where we will work on tackling the areas of your health (and life!) that need the most attention. You’ll no longer be striving to reach your health goals but actually living them!
After years of listening to hundreds of women share their frustrations with the current healthcare system, combined with what they TRULY wanted from a healthcare provider, the solution became very clear. I needed to do something totally different.

Dr. Michelle is, first of all, a beautiful soul. She is kind, patient, and a wonderful listener. I can FEEL her healing energy and that she truly cares about her patients and colleagues. I have come to her often with questions about how to manage complex patients. Her insights and experiences are always excellent, well supported and patient centered.

Her go getter attitude, amazing discipline, organizational skills and professionalism will continue to serve her in her medical practice, as will her vast knowledge base in both Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, and Functional Medicine. She is a scholar and is committed to furthering her knowledge base through continuing medical education and seminars. I have been very impressed by her patient protocols–she has put great thought and energy into each of them.

Dr. Michelle is a natural born healer, of that I have no doubt. I am blessed to know her and clients are lucky to meet her because she will do everything in her power to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Maysa Alavi in Los Angeles, CA

Medical Doctor, Heal

The Goods

Truly personalized care. When you visit the average doctor, they’re managing over 2,000 patients. As you can imagine, this leaves little room to actually connect with you and listen to your needs. This program-based model allows me to create an intimate practice limited to about 100 women, at any given time. Working with a select few individuals, gives me the freedom to be fully present, accountable and determined as your health advocate – a dedicated partnership.
Motivation through commitment. As, I’m sure, you already know, we can’t cover everything in an hour, or even two. If you want to see a transformation happen with your health, it takes time. My three phase approach allows us this opportunity. Without real commitment, most women end up slipping back into old habits. I’ve seen this happen time and time again with traditional medical models. If you want sustainable healthy change, you need a community of dedicated, like-minded people and consistent support.
Simplicity and transparency. With skyrocketing premiums, crippling deductibles, dwindling reimbursements and questionable coverage, it’s clear that the current health”care” system isn’t working. I’ve designed The Fine Fettle Formula with you in mind. I’m not partnering with the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, or the supplement companies – I’m partnering with YOU. With this approach, I’m able to provide you with effective and streamlined care with no surprises. Also, to provide the most affordable care possible, I’ve made special arrangements with all my lab vendors to provide you with direct lab pricing. This ensures that you’ll get the lowest price possible on all lab testing.

The thing is…

Many women I start working with are frustrated, or even scared, about their health – maybe you can relate. Others have been seeking answers from Dr. Google and other web sources that end up contributing to the stress, anxiety and worry.
The thing is… you can’t rely on information alone – you need coaching, accountability and a solid direction with a clear starting point. Even with the right information, you still need to make new decisions to create health in your life – and I’m here to guide you.
Check out Phase I: Functional Foundations below, and see if it resonates with you. If you’re looking to jump-start your health and healing with an accelerated program, this is the perfect place to dive in.
Clicking “Apply Now!” will allow you to schedule a 20-min discovery call. During our chat, we can discuss your current state of health, where you’ve been, where you want to go and the steps needed to get you there. We’ll also decide if it’s a good fit for us to work together.

Phase I: Functional Foundations

Phase I: Functional Foundations is an accelerated and individualized program to help you reach your fullest potential and bring your unique gifts into this world.
You have a vision and a purpose, and I want to see you thrive! If you’re feeling “off”, “imbalanced” or simply “not yourself”, then how can you live a vibrant life where your dreams and goals come to life?
On top of that, you might be experiencing limited energy or brain fog that’s preventing you from living life to the fullest. This may seem daunting or “too complex”, at first, but guess what? We’ll work as a team to get answers and finally create that shift you’ve been seeking.
I’ve designed and tailored this program to adapt to your specific needs. We’ll work towards elevating your wellness to the next level through health-empowerment.
We’ll start with a careful evaluation of your health timeline, which covers your current and past social, medical and personal history. Based on a careful evaluation of your intake forms, and after listening to your story, we’ll determine the most efficient strategy to help you shift the trajectory of your long-term health.
In addition to working with me, you will also work with my integrative and functional health coach, who will guide you through mindset and implementation, while also helping you troubleshoot issues around motivation and maintaining these healthy shifts for the long-term. For about 3-4 months, we’ll work together with a strong focus on optimizing nutrition, digestion, detoxification, hormone balance, sleep, hydration, movement, and stress – these are the foundations of a vibrant and radiant life.
I love love love Dr. Michelle! I love being in her presence, she guides me to feel empowered as a woman and she has understanding of how much I can actually do in my life as far as personal care so that I can be successful and see the best results. Working one on one with her is such a gift for me. Just recently it was wonderful to be able to have access to her with the click of a message and ask her for the best advice when life just got a bit too overwhelming and my body decided to complain.
Oana in Portland, OR

I had the joy of having Dr. Michelle as my doctor. From the first appointment I felt at ease and knew she was really invested in helping me feel better. She always took the time to explain what was happening in my body, why it was responding or reacting the way it was, and offered a myriad of options in care. Dr. Michelle was always through, responsive to my concerns, and warm. I looked forward to our appointments and always left feeling good.

Moryah in Portland, OR

What’s Included?

Functional Medicine + Health Coaching

Phase I: Functional Foundations will last about 3-4 months (depending on the pace of our work together). This phase includes your initial consultation, a lab review consultation (if applicable) and a comprehensive clinical follow-up towards the end of your program. During the 3-4 months, you will also work very closely with Corrine Haselden, IHC, FMCHC, NBC-HWC – a talented health coach. You can read more about Corrine below. Once you have completed this phase, we can discuss continuing your care with Phase II: Worthwhile Wellness. This is an advanced program that includes more in-depth functional labs, as needed.

Here’s an example of a typical schedule:


Consult #1

Initial Consultation

  • Comprehensive Health Review
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Create Initial Plan

Consult #4

Health Coaching Consult

  • Nervous System Restoration
  • Mindfulness + Meditation
  • Self-Care

Consult #7

Health Coaching Consult

  • Assess Habits
  • Daily Movement
  • Weight Goals

Consult #2

Health Coaching Consult

  • Assess Nutrition
  • Troubleshoot Obstacles
  • Fine-Tune Food Plan

Consult #5

Health Coaching Consult

  • Assess Toxin Exposure
  • Decrease Daily Exposures
  • Enhance Detox Pathways

Consult #8

Clinical Review Consult

  • Revisit Topics, as needed
  • Review & Establish Next Steps
  • Prepare for Phase II

Consult #3

Lab Review Consult

  • Review Labs
  • Refine Protocol
  • Strategize Blueprint

Consult #6

Health Coaching Consult

  • Optimize Digestion
  • Mindful Eating
  • Regulating Elimination

Consult #9

Health Coaching Consult

  • Assess Biorhythms
  • Optimize Sleep Cycle
  • Sharpen Focus

Meet Corrine – Your Health Coach

Hi, I’m Corrine Haselden. I’m a wife, mother to six children, a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Mind Body Expert. I am always seeking, always learning and I’m extremely passionate about sharing my findings so you can acquire the tools, resources and helpful information needed to support you in your quest to experience optimal wellness!

I am doing well in my life now but this wasn’t always the case. For years I suffered with a multitude of symptoms from crippling fatigue, heart arrhythmias, low blood pressure, headaches, to hair loss, low immune system functioning and nervous system imbalances. I received diagnoses of HPA axis dysfunction, Lyme, mold illness and autoimmune disease. Many of my symptoms were deemed to be ‘idiopathic’, short for ‘we have no idea what is wrong with you.’

Over a period of years, I visited with many practitioners of all modalities, spent over $100,000 out of pocket and nobody could help me. If I made progress at all, it proved to be temporary. I supported my body through natural means but refused all medications. The side effects were dangerous and in some cases, life threatening. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was a reason my body was struggling and I was determined to find it.

Enter Functional Medicine. With the proper Functional Medicine testing, we were able to uncover a multitude of imbalances in my body that needed correction. Following a true whole person approach, my practitioner advised me to address the areas of stress in my life because the stress was an obvious obstacle to my healing.

You see, as a mom of six, I was selflessly always giving to others at the detriment of me. Self care was absent from my life. I was pregnant or nursing for 17 years with only one four month break. Sleep? What was that? We also moved frequently and I was often on my own due to my husband’s job travel. I homeschooled and I ran a business. Are you tired just reading this?

To boot, I had messed up relationships all over the place. With the moves, I didn’t feel like I had a ‘home base’. There was zero stability. I was so busy trying to just keep my head above water, I not only lost connection with myself, but I Iost connection with my tribe. My social relationships were seriously lacking. Adding insult to injury, we were forced to leave our home all of our belongings as well due to toxic mold. Hello, financial strain? Is it any wonder why I was sick?

With the help of some fabulous coaches and mentors, I was able to stop viewing myself as a victim, own my life and take responsibility for my part in everything that was wrong, dream my big dreams and create a life that I love. I much prefer my life of design to my old life of happenstance. I am now living in an area that I love and I am connected to my tribe like never before. I now know the value in creating boundaries and I honor my body’s need to rest and recover. I am living my purpose and I am happier than ever. Can you guess what happened to my physical symptoms once I took hold of my life? I’ve gone from bedridden to thriving! That’s right. That old life that I was living wore me down to the point where I couldn’t even stand. But now, I AM THRIVING!

Together with Dr. Michelle, I stand ready to help you reclaim your own life! With the right mindset and by leveraging the power of choice, you too can experience an amazing transformation. I welcome you to Females in Fine Fettle and I look forward to serving you!

Dr. Michelle brings to her practice the seamless integration of her training in both Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. It is her ability to discern what will be most helpful for each individual that makes her an effective and attentive practitioner. I refer patients to Dr. Michelle regularly for her balanced and compassionate approach. She is an asset to our profession and the community.

Dr. Stephanie Kaplan in Portland, OR

Naturopathic Physician, Passiflora Health

Other Features + Benefits:

E-mail/Secure Messaging
Open communication and access improves your results. It also helps maintain momentum and keep an open dialogue throughout your program. You can email/message us with any brief questions that you have throughout your program.
Nutrition + Health Coaching
Did you know that 80% of your success depends on your nutrition and lifestyle strategy? That’s right! Since I realize the value of this, and the impact it has on you and your family, Corrine and I emphasize lifestyle and nutrition throughout the entire process. By taking better care of yourself, you can lead your family (and friends!) to a healthier and happier life alongside you.
Functional Lab Testing
After completing Phase I: Functional Foundations, you’re eligible for Phase II: Worthwhile Wellness. In this advanced phase, we use functional lab testing to help check your health on a cellular level. This testing is different from traditional testing because it helps us identify the root cause(s) of your health concerns instead of simply assigning a diagnosis or shrugging you off because “everything looks fine”. We may collect urine, stool, saliva, and/or blood to run these tests.
When we run labs, it’s important to make sure that you fully understand your results. This way, you can share them with your healthcare team, if necessary. To do this, I provide video lab interpretations that you can keep for your records. More importantly, this video enables you to become more involved and engaged in your own care. You will get much better long-term results, when you understand your health status. This also helps us create an active partnership.
If we need extra functional lab tests, such as food sensitivity testing, a comprehensive stool analysis or micro-nutrient analysis, I’ve made special arrangements with all my lab vendors to provide you with direct lab pricing. This ensures that you will get the lowest price possible on all lab tests.
Customized Supplement Program
During our initial three months together, supplement recommendations will likely focus on healing your gut, supporting your adrenal glands, and repleting your nutrient status. We may also use supplements to regulate bowel habits or assist with irregular sleep cycles, if needed.
Whenever I make recommendations, I always suggest the highest quality products. This helps create more predictable outcomes. Also, as a member, you receive a 35% discount on therapeutic-grade supplements through my online medicinary (plus free shipping on orders over $49!).
Health Tracking App
As a member, you’ll have access to my health tracking and communications app to help us stay connected and keep better track of your progress. You can choose which parameters you would like to track, or we can create custom ones for your needs.
This provides a simple way to track habits and receive timely, targeted messages from me, delivered to your smart phone.
Workshops, Podcast, Online Courses + Web Resources 
Community and education are paramount to your long-term success and a deep-rooted passion of mine. I offer webinars, online courses, a practical and informative podcast, a private Facebook groupPLUS access to a growing library of health content.
We will adapt Phase I: Functional Foundations to your needs, which will ensure that you get the results you are looking for. My promise is to do whatever it takes to help you find an answer and guide you through the healing process, while also being cost conscious without compromising your outcomes.
This personalized program starts at $2,999* – supplements and lab testing recommendations are made based on your history and findings. These are not included.
*Payment plans are available through Advance Care Card.
Next Steps
If you’re inspired by this approach, I’d love to chat with you. If we’re going to work as a team, we need to make sure it’s the right fit for us both. With this in mind, I offer a brief complimentary consult, where we can talk about your specific needs and answer any lingering questions you may have.
Click the button below to apply and get on the schedule.
Dr. Michelle was a wonderful resource for health and healing who came to my rescue after several prolonged stressful life experiences left me with adrenal fatigue and just being overall out of whack. Her acupuncture treatments, combined with essential oils, were incredibly restorative, and her vitamin and nutritional recommendations helped me get back to balance. Her manner is incredibly kind and supportive and professional. Strongly recommended!
Kela in Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Michelle as my primary care provider for about 3 years.  From the first appointment with her, I felt valued and appreciated.  She treats people with respect and love.  That is rare, in my experience.  I feel like I matter to her, and that means a lot. Her knowledge of the human body, health and healing are vast and it is growing.  She is a true healer, in the best sense of the word.

Kirsten in Portland, OR

Core Values & Principles

Did you know that the word “doctor” originates from the word “teacher”? I believe it’s my duty to inform and educate you as best I can, so that you have the tools for personal growth and empowerment on your journey.

In addition to an emphasis on education and empowerment, it’s important to know my 3 core values. These core values provide a foundation for all aspects of the care I provide:



We co-create health. Focusing on individual diseases, or syndromes, puts us in boxes. It’s important to be aware of any diagnosed health issues you may have, but my goal is to identify and remove factors that may be damaging your health.



The digestive system handles all our food and water. It breaks it down, absorbs what it needs, and eliminates what it doesn’t. If the gut isn’t working well, we need to assess and address this first.



I’ll help you identify “blind spots” and other issues that have been overlooked. You’ll get education and support, so that you’ll not only know WHAT needs to change but HOW to change it.

Deciding to work with Dr. Michelle was the perfect step to move forward in my health goals. From the moment I received my initial plan I began implementing changes that are making a huge difference. I love her whole person approach! And the many resources she has available to learn more….

It took some extra effort for us to sort out testing and sourcing recommended supplements due to me being in Canada – a whole other world in healthcare! 😉  But we did it and I am so happy with my decision to work together. Thanks Dr. Michelle.

Janet in Toronto, ON, Canada

What’s Expected of You

One of my goals when working with you is to flip the “scrip” on your idea of wellness. You’re here because you believe that you can feel better – and I agree with you 100%! BUT I’m going to give it to you straight – you’re going to have to do some work. The good news is that Corrine and I will be here to support and guide you the whole way. Remember, an estimated 80% of your success is based on YOUR actions – I’m not here to give you a magic pill to fix you. You can fix yourself, and I’ll teach you how! I call this Health-Empowerment. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime.

I promise that the hard work is worth it! BUT, if you’re just looking for recommendations on what herb to take for a particular health problem, then this program is not for you.



You must want a proactive and preventative approach to healthcare. This is not a one-size fits all scenario, where we pop a few pills and call it a day. This is participatory and personalized care – a new paradigm of health and wellness partnerships.



You must be open to taking the experience, wisdom, skills and knowledge your team has earned and be willing to listen close enough to see what might help you on your own journey.  It’s the secret to achieving many (if not all) of your dreams.



You must believe that you can reach your fullest potential through dedication and consistent effort. Having a growth mindset means that you’re committed to knowing that things are getting bigger and better and you see unexpected changes as opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do in-person consults?

For your convenience, all consults are done over the phone or through the Healthie app that has a native video chat feature. In-person consults are not available, at this time.

What if I just want one consult?

Although I get many requests, I do not offer a “Pay-As-You-Go” option, because I, or more importantly you, simply won’t see the same results. Because of this, programs and memberships are core to my philosophy. My mission is to help you see results and, results that last, take time. I believe you deserve access to a meaningful amount of care and the opportunity to work with my dedicated team.

During our free phone consult, you can choose to schedule your initial consult with no additional commitment. This will allow us to better gauge your current level of health and decide which Phase is best suited for you.

Are supplements included?

Supplements are not included and are an additional cost, but please note that we do not mark up our supplements in an effort to keep costs down for you.

In addition, I try to keep supplements to a minimum, because my goal is to empower you to get the nutrients you need through nutrition and lifestyle. As you progress through the program, and your health improves, we will be able to decrease your need for supplements overall.

How much should I budget for functional lab testing?

I’m committed to enhancing your access to the services, laboratory testing, and remedies you need through transparent and affordable pricing. We provide labs and supplements at our cost – no markup – and pass that savings on to you. During Phase I, I typically like to order a comprehensive stool analysis, called a GI MAP. This test runs between $179-$359, depending on your insurance coverage. This test is not required, but it is HIGHLY recommended to enhance our efforts and further personalize your care.

Once you are eligible for Phase II: Worthwhile Wellness, we will run a complete hormone and adrenal workup, which will all be included in the program fee, but if we decide that any additional testing is needed, then you should budget between $200-$800.

What is included with messaging support?

Members are able to message me through our health tracking and communications app. However, if a question or request is deemed to be too complicated or involved for a digital response, it may require that you schedule a follow-up consult.

Do I still need a primary care provider?

Yes! I do NOT provide acute or urgent care services, nor to I write any prescription medications. My services do not replace the services that your current medical team provides. In addition, I am not available 24/7, so please be sure to have an emergency plan in place.

I provide a stand-alone service focused on creating and advancing health.

What if I need more consults?

Think you’ll need more consults? No problem! While you are a current member, you may pay for additional consults at $200 per 30-minute consult.

What happens at the end of the program?

Once we have the foundations in place, you will graduate from Phase I: Functional Foundations. At the conclusion of your program we will discuss next steps and create a plan for you to follow up. Most members transition into Phase II: Worthwhile Wellness, which includes a 6-8 month program based on your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, complete hormone panel and adrenal assessment.

More questions?

If you still have some questions, please visit the contact page to send us a message. I’d love to hear from you!