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As a Functional Medicine Provider, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Certified HerbalistI’ve created the most effective, accessible, and streamlined virtual practice for high-achieving women. As an expert in women’s health and entrepreneurship, I provide a personalized blueprint, the strategy, and partnership these women need to get the mental focus and energy required to share their gifts, better serve their clients, and show up for their families.

I also provide online education to support them during their day-to-day and help these ladies implement simple tactics to elevate their personal health and professional wealth.

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If you’re a purpose-driven woman ready to take your health, business, and LIFE to the next level – get ready – I’ve recently teamed up with Youtrients to offer a game-changing opportunity.
Youtrients is not just another genetic test. This simple saliva test is a way for us to dive deep into your genetic pathways, and see how your body is operating from a functional perspective. We’re not just looking at single genes but actual genetic pathways. It’s far too simple to look at a single genetic variation and make assumptions about your health, disease risk, or optimal nutrient needs.
For the first time EVER, we’re able to understand the implications of your detoxification, methylation, hormonal, metabolic, and executive function pathways on your health and lifestyle. You’ll not only learn more about your body, but how you can optimize your genetic expression through personalized nutrition, efficient exercise/movement, and lifestyle modifications.
Looking at your genetic pathways from this more holistic approach, we’re able to analyze clusters of genes that affect known biochemical pathways that influence our hormonal health, detox capabilities, mental focus, and much more. Looking at genes in this way, provides us a comprehensive approach to up-level your health and, at the same time, help prevent future chronic conditions.

What You Will Find Out



By assessing your executive function pathways, we can modify your lifestyle to increase productivity.



Learn how well your hormones are working together + how to optimize these pathways to regulate your monthly cycle, boost energy, + reach your ideal weight.



Learn how well your body handles these macronutrients, so we can formulate a personalized food plan you can feel confident about.



The way you feel + act throughout the day is based on your neurotransmitter balance. Learn how to optimize these pathways to up-level your day, your mood, + your activities.



Learn how your body is able to process + transport vital nutrients to create personalized nutrient dosing protocols.



Learn how efficiently your detox pathways are working, so we can modify your lifestyle to ensure your body is not overburdened but running at its best.



Learn how effectively your body is able to repair + regulate your DNA, protein metabolism, hormone production + their elimination.



Get a deep understanding of your heart health, including inflammation + potential unknown risk factors.



All this information allows us to create personalized supplements that enhance these key pathways through genetic optimization + targeted nutrient therapy.

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What You’ll Get

This package is specifically designed for high-achievers! You will receive your DNA test kit, personalized report, A FULL YEAR (12 months) of customized supplements, and three consults with Dr. Michelle to help compliment and optimize your nutrition and lifestyle habits and enhance your business strategy.

This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to elevate their personal and professional performance, sharpen their mental focus and boost their energy.

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation + Assessment – 90-minutes
  • DNA Test Kit (only 5 FREE kits available per month! Valued over $900)
  • In-depth Lab Review Consult with Personalized Report – 60-minutes 
  • Customized Supplements Shipped to You – 12-month supply 
  • Follow-Up Consult for Fine-Tuning – 30-minutes 
  • Unlimited messaging support between consults

*If you are a NEW client, you’ll receive ALL of this for just $3,999 – just click APPLY NOW below, to hop on a quick call with me, before we get started. 

**If you are a CURRENT client, message me for your discounted rate, and we’ll get you started ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it better not to know what my genes are?

I hear this question a lot, but it’s based on the old assumption that your genes will cause a disease, cause you to get ill, and cause you to die – and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is false and out of date information. When people are armed with their genetic results, then they can make sustained, long-term changes to prevent disease, optimize health, and live a healthy life full of vitality.

Why do I need supplements? Isn't diet enough?

Consider this – in a recent study, it was found that people in Victorian England were getting nutrients from their food at pharmacological levels, meaning their food was PACKED with nutrients. The food was local and grown in nutrient rich soil free from pesticides.

They didn’t have the sedentary lifestyle that most people have, and they didn’t have the junk food and nutrient-depleted foods that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

In addition, our ancestors weren’t exposed to the same levels of pollutants, chemicals, and exogenous hormones (like plastics!). To be sure, nutrition is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and that is something that can be completely tailored to your genetic blueprint. The added nutrition from supplementation, ensures your genetic pathways are functioning at their very best every single day.

What is the quality of these supplements?

These are top of the line supplements – I wouldn’t mess around with anything less. Youtrients uses supplement ingredients that are clinically studied, traceable, transparent, non-GMO, organic, highest purity standard, GMP certified, NSF and NSF Sport certified, where possible.

All formulations are manufactured in house in a GMP-compliant facility in Mississauga, Canada by trained professionals and overseen by clinical practitioners.

Ingredients are included based on clinical data related to direct gene expression, indirect gene expression, sensorial improvement, and clinical data not related to genes but beneficial to an individual’s unique lifestyle and health.

How do I order my supplements?

Your program will include the first 12 months (one year) of personalized supplements, including shipping costs. After your initial year, you will be able to order the supplements directly from Youtrients using my practitioner code to provide you with an exclusive discount.

The subscription-based program conveniently provides quarterly (every 3 months) shipments of products. Your formulation is reviewed by your practitioner (Dr. Michelle) and updated, if needed, before every shipment.

What happens after this program?

There is no obligation to continue our work together after this program, but if you would like to keep on your healthy trajectory, and work on up-leveling your health in a more comprehensive way, I would love to dive deeper with you.

During our work together, we can deepen our focus in regards to your digestive health, underlying infections, autoimmunity, preconception care, sleep patterns, stress reduction, cleaning up your living and work environments, and working on your overall mindset.

More questions?

If you still have some questions, please visit the contact page to send us a message. I’d love to hear from you!